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Use of Internet

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The internet is a fantastic tool for education and the school endeavours to encourage positive use of the internet at all times.
Particular care will be taken where photographs of pupils are being used on the school website. Personal pupil information including home address and contact details will be omitted from school web pages.
Access to the internet is filtered in the school by software provided by NCTE and inappropriate sites and social networking sites are inaccessible.
Children’s use of the internet is also monitored by the class or another teacher.
Teachers in the school are not allowed to use social networking sites to communicate with pupils, apart from specific educational sites such as Edmodo. If a child receives an invitation from anyone purporting to be a teacher, on Facebook (for example), he/she should report it to parents and the school.


Parents should at all times be vigilant in relation to their child’s use of the internet.
Access to the internet should take place in a common area in the home, not in the child’s room or away from parental monitoring.
Facebook’s terms of use state that their site is for clients over 13 years of age.
It is very important before a child signs up for a social networking site that he/she and his/her parents are aware of the issues involved in sharing information with the wider world.
The school’s advice is that as little information as possible should be public and the privacy settings on any site should be maximised.
That a child or teenager can damage their own, or someone else’s good name by what they say or post online. This can involve investigation by the gardai.


While the authority of teachers, the principal and the Board of Management generally extends to activities in the school, poor online behaviour by pupils or past pupils from the school will be reported to the gardai and they will be asked to take the matter in hand. If the school is not satisfied that the gardai are capable of dealing with such an issue the matter will be passed on to school solicitor.
The Board will also endeavour to link with agencies and organisations that will deliver ongoing education to pupils and parents connected with the school in order that we are kept up-to-date on internet issues as they develop.

The use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden during school hours. The school phone is accessible for a pupil to contact home in urgent situations.    
Mobile phones also need to be monitored by parents to ensure that the phones are not used for sending or receiving inappropriate content or messages

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