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Uniform Survey

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Number of children in the School  445
Number of families in the School 240
Number of Survey’s returned to the School  174

Whether or not a school should have a uniform?
Yes – 166
No -  7

Are you in favour of maintaining the present uniform arrangements?
Yes  - 144
No – 22


"very happy with current arrangement"

"current arrangement gives no choice on pricing "monopoly"

"A uniform company that gives the PA a revenue stream"

"Would like if we had more options to purchase uniform tracksuit with logo to bring down price"

"I think that for the tracksuit it should be a plain navy sweatshirt and pants and that the school crest be sold separately and can be sewn or ironed on"

"Would favour a move to generic uniforms that can be purchased anywhere and then get crests sown on after, very happy with tracksuits"

"I feel the uniform supplier should be outsourced – present uniforms quality is poor and pricey – an alternative would be to buy it through the school"

"The tracksuit bottoms should be plain navy without red stripe so that they can be purchased in other shops for better value"

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