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The philosophy behind homework is that:

Parents are aware of work being undertaken in the school. Parents are given the opportunity to enhance their role as prime educator of their child. Work given in school is reinforced or continued in the home setting, thus the skills of the pupils are enhanced.

Pupils should undertake homework in a quiet setting, not in front of the television or where there is constant distraction or interruption.

The study and organisational skills attached to undertaking regular homework will remain with a child for a lifetime.

Homework assignments will vary from class to class but in this school there will always be an emphasis on core subjects (English, Maths and Irish) .

Projects, reading and research are core skills attached to homework assignments.

While teachers endeavour to pitch homework to a length of time, this can vary due to ability, concentration and speed at which homework assignments are completed.

In the lower classes parents will need to be more actively involved in the child’s homework while in the senior classes less direct parental involvement should be required, but parents should check work and sign homework diary on a daily basis.

Formal homework is not set for Fridays, however assignments on Fridays in senior classes may take the form of reading or research work.

Parents who find that their child is spending an inordinate amount of time at homework, in general, or one subject in particular, should talk to the class teacher.

From time to time assignments may not be completed. A note from parent/guardian should be written in diary. Children will be given homework off for birthdays. One night will be allocated as Birthday Night if a birthday falls outside a homework night. Pupils representing the school may be allowed reduced homework.

Missed homework will be recorded by teachers and parents informed if children regularly fail to complete assignments. In the event of a child still not completing assignments he/she may be required, at lunch time, to complete work.


Infant Classes: 15 to 20 minutes; Monday to Thursday

First Class: 15 to 25 minutes; Monday to Thursday

Second Class: 20 to 25 minutes; Monday to Thursday

Third/Fourth Class: 30 to 45 minutes; Monday to Thursday

Fifth/Sixth Class: 45 minutes to 1 hour; Monday to Thursday

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