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Healthy Eating at Whitecross School

As we are all aware, healthy eating is a top priority these days. Hardly a week goes by without some article in the media referencing obesity, diabetes, fitness or the importance of healthy food. With this in mind we would like to remind you that we strongly encourage and endorse healthy choices for lunches. We ask you not to pack chocolate, bars, sweets, donuts, sugary breakfast cereal bars, chocolate spread, crisps or fizzy drinks in your children’s lunches. If you think your child needs a sugary treat please keep it for home. One small bar or biscuit is allowed on a Friday.

There are many healthy tasty options for your child to have in school and children could choose from some of these examples of healthy choices:

• Meat, fish or cheese sandwiches
• Brown bread, crackers
• Pieces of fruit, salads
• Yogurts, fruit juices, smoothies, milk, water
• Soup (in a flask in wintertime)

Never put nuts, nut bars, Nutella, peanut butter or chocolate spread in your child’s lunch. Some children are allergic to nuts and they present a very serious health risk, even in small amounts.

Thank you for your co-operation!

The staff wishes everyone a healthy, happy year.      

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